Nevada Botanical Science – one doctor’s journey from skeptic to medical cannabis advocate


Bob Dalrymple, MD, MBA, Founder and CEO of Nevada Botanical Science, Inc.

“I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.”- From the Hippocatic Oath

My journey from physician’s office to cannabis grower started with a phone call. It was from an old friend who had started in the cannabis business in Colorado around 2004.

I remember wondering why my conservative friend would want to be involved in the cannabis industry. I thought that it was just an “entrepreneurial phase” he was going through that surely would not last. When he continued to find success in the industry, I thought for sure he had morphed into a dirty hippie, albeit clean-cut and in a suit. I was sure he would be forever lost in this federally illegal endeavor.

Then he told me stories of some of his patients. People who benefited from cannabis. Chronic pain patients who were no longer reliant on narcotic pain medications. Veterans who no longer contemplated suicide. Insomniacs who finally found sleep. Cancer patients who found relief from nausea and weight loss while on chemotherapy. I thought like a physician – but with much indignation – professed that these accounts were all anecdotal without scientific backing.

I started doing some research. What I found were many observational, preclinical studies and some clinical trials strongly suggesting that I wake up and smell the cannabis!

Baby Bella

Then I met Bella. Bella is a precious little girl who was born with Aicardi syndrome that has left her with incapacitating seizures. Her parents took her to a series of neurologists, and she was placed on several anti-seizure medications that left her in a zombie-like state and required her to use a feeding tube. Doctors warned her parents that their beautiful baby likely would never smile. Her desperate parents started researching alternative seizure treatments and decided to try cannabis oil. Unfortunately, they could not access it in Nevada, so they did what they needed to do to get their child this life-changing medicine – they moved to California.

After trying several different strains, they finally found success with an oil called Jayden’s Juice. Since she began with the oil – and in conjunction with just one remaining pharmaceutical – they have seen a 70 percent decrease in Bella’s seizures. She is more awake and now smiles. Her parents are ecstatic with her dramatic improvement, and I was moved – moved to start a company that could provide this important medicine to Reno and northern Nevada.

This has been an amazing and spirited entrepreneurial journey which has made me reaffirm that business is really about people and relationships which are the things that matter the most. I look forward to the many challenges that await us focusing on the goal of improving the quality of life with cannabis based medicines.

Bella now, 8 years old