Mission Statement:

The mission of the NBS Foundation is to educate and assist in the treatment and wellness of those in our community who suffer from chronic pain, disease, and/or mental disabilities (such as PTSD) through medical cannabis. We will actively reach out to cancer patients, those with a history of chronic pain, those who cannot afford medicinal cannabis, and our returning military veterans to offer education and assistance with cannabis wellness.

Foundation Initiatives

  • Provide patient assistance — financially through fundraising — and by donating medical cannabis products or facilitating the donation of services.
  • Develop a library of medical cannabis information and research material to make available to the public. This information will be shared in our education forums in our main facility.
  • Develop a list of medical cannabis resources to include medical facilities, doctors, clinics, treatment centers, and mental health experts.
  • Reach out to veterans’ groups and provide them with updated information on medical cannabis PTSD treatment options.
  • Collaborate with like-minded charitable organizations within our community to help identify those in need.
  • Develop a patient-friendly website where patients or other interested parties can seek information about medical cannabis and share stories related to alternative medicine.
  • Create open lines of communication with community leaders, the medical community and patients in an effort to educate and share our work.