Nevada Botanical Science is proud to be teamed up with the best in the cannabis industry!

Organa Brands, the company behind O.penVAPE, has grown greatly in the last year. So much so, the Denver-based company currently owns, operates or licenses its products in 10 states, and supports distribution in 11 countries around the globe!

According to, it is now “the largest cannabis distribution network in North America, serving over 1,200 dispensaries” in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,  New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and here in Nevada.

Their array of products have landed in the highest performing verticals of the legal cannabis industry. Medical and Recreational Cannabis consumers can choose from personal vaporizer pens, pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges, distillate concentrates, drinks, and edibles. All made using a proprietary, supercritical CO2 extraction process to manufacture the purest of cannabis oil.

Read more about their success here:



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  • Michelle

    It’s so great to see companies like these thriving. I’m hoping that quality control can really keep them in check though. I’ve seen QC managers really step up lately to find some sort of SOP’s. There’s a company called Quanta on the West Coast that’s introduced cannabis without side effects. I’m hoping that federal regulations don’t stop this whole movement.

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