Bob Dalrymple, MD, MBA

Bob Dalrymple, MD, MBA
Founder and CEO of Nevada Botanical Science, Inc.

I am a Reno physician who believes in the promise of cannabis as a medicine – which I firmly believe to be a demand-driven, multi-billion dollar industry. I have put together an amazing team of like-minded professionals ready to conquer our market. We are often referred to as “The Doctors Group,” because we have 10 prominent physicians on our team. We have also started a cannabis science research and education program, where we instruct other physicians and health care professionals about the science and medicine of cannabis. Whenever I can find spare time, I enjoy landscape photography, skiing, biking, and traveling.


Robert Summers, PhD Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Nevada Botanical Science, Inc.

Robert Summers, PhD
Co-founder of Nevada Botanical Science, Inc.

I am a longtime friend of Dr. Bob Dalrymple and was asked by him to help start Nevada Botanical Science, Inc. I was more than eager to become part of the team. I have more than 20 years of experience in health care management and earned a Ph.D. in organizational behavior and business management. I am proud to be a part of NBS and Trichomic and look forward to educating our medical community and assisting patients. I also enjoy using my hands and building things; in fact, I built my house from the ground up.


Alise Dalyrmple, Nevada Botanical Science, Inc.

Alise Dalrymple
Co-founder, Research & Development

I love working in Research and Development at NBS.  I have been interested in natural, plant-based healing for a very long time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with cannabis and our wonderful team at NBS to create products that help people.

Kurt Conkey, MS MAT
Chief Operations Officer

Bio for Kurt is coming soon! Stay tuned!


Dustin Ray
Cultivation Manager

Bio for Dustin is coming soon! Stay tuned!




Mike Nicholson
Trichomic Processing/Packaging

Bio for Mike is coming soon! Stay tuned!


Jerry Martinez
Production Team

I recently graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Nevada, Reno and am also the proud father of a beautiful baby girl. I think the chain of command here at NBS is excellent, and our level of talent is considerable. I love the science behind the whole business and the incredible technology we use.


Juan Guerrero
Cultivation Team

I am an Army Veteran and have spent 1 year in Kuwait. I really enjoy being around the plants every day and am amazed by the effects of the medicine and how it can help people. I especially appreciate how cannabis can open the mind to new possibilities.